Welcome to Ativion: Redefining EdTech, Cybersecurity and Remote Access Excellence

Innovative, Secure, Scalable Solutions

Welcome to Ativion

Introducing Ativion: Our New Identity, Your Trusted Partner

We are thrilled to announce that Impero Software, a leader in the education, cybersecurity, and remote access sectors, is now Ativion. This transformation represents a significant milestone in our journey, marked by a dynamic new leadership team and strong investor support.

A Name That Reflects Innovation and Security

Ativion is poised to execute on a forward-thinking strategy. The name “Ativion” reflects the company’s commitment to “action” and “vision” in its pioneering, market-leading technologies combined with ultra-secure, scalable solutions in cybersecurity and remote access.


Web Filtering and Security Platform for Schools. Unmatched Cross-Platform Protection in the Cloud

Classroom Management

Classroom management software. Every learner, any environment.


Robust internet safety for schools, using keyword detection


Manage student safety concerns and mental health

A Message from Our Chief Commercial Officer

“We’re beyond excited to introduce Ativion. This rebrand is a bold step forward, signaling our unwavering dedication to growth and support for our customers and partners. Schools and teachers need robust solutions to safeguard children, and governments and corporations require ultra-secure remote access to critical assets. By listening to our customers and investing in our products—building on the solid foundation of ContentKeeper and Netop—we’re set to deliver unparalleled value and impact.”

Committed to Delivering Excellence

Ativion is more than a name; it’s a declaration of our cutting-edge vision and our priority to lead the market globally. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers, ensuring they have the tools they need to succeed in an increasingly digital world. More than 40 of the 200 largest U.S. School districts utilize Ativion’s ContentKeeper web filter, the pioneer in filtering technologies. Unmatched security and scalability makes Netop the trusted solution of the world’s leading enterprises, including over half of the Fortune 100.

Join Us on Our Journey

Ativion has an unwavering 40-plus year commitment to delivering solutions for our customers in the education technology, cybersecurity and remote access space. With the backing of our owner Investcorp and our new management team, we are enhancing our product offering to provide the most innovative solutions. Stay connected with Ativion to learn more about our future offerings.


We’re always on the lookout for more intelligent, talented go-getters to add to the ever-expanding team here at Ativion. Whether you’re a clever technical type, a creative genius, or a smooth-talking sales guru, we’d love to hear from you. With lots on, and lots on its way, it’s an exciting time to join the Ativion team.

Our current open positions are listed below, but if you don’t see any roles in your field of expertise, don’t worry, we’ve got several more roles yet to be published.






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